Lemurian Polished Points Brazil


Lemurian crystals stand as eternal guardians of wisdom and hope. They remind us of our boundless potential as human beings and call upon us to nurture harmony and healing within ourselves and the world around us. Just as the Lemurians embedded their essence within these crystals, we, too, can infuse our intentions for a brighter future into the very fabric of existence.

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Beautiful polished pieces carved in Brazil. 60-70mm.  Your crystal will be of similar quality and size.

Amazing sparkle to these.

Awakening the Dormant Consciousness

Lemurian crystals possess a profound ability to awaken dormant aspects of human consciousness. As we interact with these crystals, our energies align with the vibrational frequencies of the ancient Lemurian civilization. This process encourages us to access higher states of awareness, promoting spiritual growth, and unlocking latent potential.

By meditating with Lemurian crystals or placing them on energy centers (chakras), one can experience a profound spiritual attunement. They act as potent conduits for healing and self-discovery, aiding us in overcoming emotional blockages and reconnecting with our authentic selves.


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