Rare Incan Calcite Extra Large

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Rare Incan Calcite Extra Large

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Rare large format Incan Calcite

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Incan Calcite – Mexico.

Big beautiful chunk.

Layers of beautiful coloured and clear calcite, a crystal that works with all needs!


Green, Pink, Red, Clear, Brown, working on the inner bodies.

A must for every crystal lover.

approximate size 23 x 14 x 10cm

Weight 3.225 Kg

Natural Rough Crystal Stone Specimens Rare


Please inquire for shipping to other Countries


From the Book of Stones

“Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral with a hardness of 3. Calcites are among the most varied and abundant crystals, and they occur in a wide variety of forms and colors.  The molecular structure of the crystals is rhombohedral, but specimens can appear as scalenohedrons, rhombohedrons, prisms, masses, stalactites, etc. Calcite makes up the major part of most marbles and limestones. Calcite crystals are found on every continent. Large deposits of brightly colored Calcites occur in Mexico and some of the most desired forms such as Stellar Beam Calcites are found in the USA> We discuss below the major types of Calcite that are important for metaphysical use.

Robert Simmons If one could work with only one type of crystal for all the various healings and spiritual energies, Calcite would be a tempting choice. The variety of colors and vibrations emanated by the different species of Calcite is rich, and virtually all Calcites do their work with gentleness. Calcite is a cleansing, refreshing, revitalizing influence. It opens blockages and activates the energy systems. It can bring the feeling of viewing the world with new eyes, enabling one to see the joy inherent in all aspects of life.

Naisha Ahsian All forms of Calcite are excellent at removing blockages and assisting one in moving beyond past patterns. They stimulate the Fire element and assist in the movement of energy through the chakras and meridians. Each form of Calcite, however, addresses particular areas of the body and energy systems.”


Sue Christiansen ” We use calcites quite regularly for many of our energy healings as they adapt quite easily to programming to serve the highest good”.

This particular piece is massive at over 3 kg and is a stunning piece.  It would be an awesome addition to anyone’s collection.




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