Shungite Phone Plate (Arriving late Aug 2023)

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These will be useful to help block EMF’s and other negative energies around us.  The shungite phone plates are easy to use and clear your space energetically.

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Protect yourself for harmful 5G & emf waves by placing this stick-on shungite plate on your cellphone, laptop, or anywhere you need a little extra protection!

Rectangles are 15x25mm

EMF protection, strength, eliminate toxins

PROPERTIES:: Shungite is extremely powerful and will rid any negativity from and protect the entire body and auric field. Removing and clearing anything not in alignment with the soul creates space for light and love to enter. Activation of all 7 chakras is promoted with this stone. With technology and electronics all around us, these electromagnetic frequencies are everywhere. Shungite neutralizes the harmful exposure to these energetic waves.

ZODIAC:: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer

ELEMENT:: Fire, Air


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