Sound Healing

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Discover how good sound healing feels

We all know that energy is vibration, and what is more symbolic of vibration than the vibration of sound waves through our body.  Our ears are the conduit, but these special sound healings resonate and reverberate throughout the whole body.

By the end of the session you will feel deeply relaxed, uplifted and much less tense.

Deep healing on a quantum level

On an even deeper level, these vibrational frequencies will help you to attune your mind, body and spirit for your own highest good!

We use a wide variety of sound healing from silent sounds (quantum vibrations), rife frequences, solfeggio chimes and a whole range of other angelic sounds.
These healings are available for individuals or as group sessions.
Sessions are approx 45 min long.
Please call Sue to request bookings 0418.516.419


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