Ancient Moving Meditation Workout


Experience the deep connection between mind body & spirit with moving meditation.

Qigong is one the internal martial arts and you learn how to focus your awareness both internally around the body and 360 degrees around you.


Tai Chi & Qi Gong Moving Meditation

I first studied Tai Qi in Paris when I was a young university graduate just out of school, learning french in Paris.  I was studying with an ancient Chinese man who didn’t speak any english and barely spoke french but with an incredibly thick accent, that I was not able to decipher.

Thankfully the workout spoke directly to me.  It was the first time I was ever really aware of how amazing it is to have energy flowing up and down my spine consciously, intentionally.  I was shocked that could exist!

I attempted many times to come back to Tai Qi with various DVD’s but I never found one that help my interest for more than a brief moment.  They were simply too boring for me, I thought.

Flash forward 30 years, and I was nearly crippled with a debilitatingly long recovery from pneumonia.  and after a month of lying in bed, nearly comatose, the doctor finally said, “You’re cured”.  Really I said?

If that was true, how come I couldn’t walk and breathe at the same.

Sixty minutes later, I could walk and breathe again.  It felt like a miracle.

We don’t realise how shallow our breathing is, when we’re not taking conscious breaths.

We don’t realise how much stress and tension we hold in our bodies.

And especially we don’t realise that we can release that mental, physical, emotional and spiritual tension using these techniques!

Come on out and experience this for yourself.

This is not an intellectual discussion, we will actually be doing it.

And you will FEEL it!

You will learn how to relax the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual bodies.

Each class is $10 per person $25 for families of 3 or more

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