Tas Healer Crystal & Flower Essence

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Crystal & Flower Healing Remedy

This is the best quick healer for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms.

  • Brings body into immediate balance.
  • Benefit: powerful rescue remedy for all mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs, an all around healer
  • Mental – Bring clarity and helps with clear thinking
  • Physical – eliminate restlessness – grounding
  • Emotional – removal of all barriers ¬†and helps release emotional blockages.

It combines three great healing agents, waratah, auralite and the vortex here.

This remedy was made with the Tasmanian waratah and brings with it even more specific healing from this sacred island.

The essence itself was created on the vortex here in Tasmania and carries with it all of the ancient healing energies of Lemuria.


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