The History Of The Tasmanian Vortex Digital


A spiritual journey of awakening and connecting to the energies of the land in Tasmania.

Earthkeeper Barbara Susan Christiansen began her journey many years ago following a sudden psychic awakening after falling off a racehorse.

That was the first step among many moments of coming to terms with reality not as most people see it but as the subtle energies of the planet are emitting.

Her journey leads her over many continents and many sacred sites including the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, Mount Shasta in California, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and the South of France, Glastonbury England and Roslyn Chapel in Scotland following the Mary & Archangel Michael Lines of energy.

Sue is a carrier of the Divine Feminine Energy and can upload or download into vortexes or ley lines.

The Tasmanian Vortex holds great energy and power and balances the Diamond Grid around the Earth and is one of the key pristine vortexes on the planet.

Like human beings, the planet has energy meridians and the energy flows through these to various sites, similar to acupressure points on the body.

Many of the sacred sites are connected to the Tasmanian Vortex through these energy or ley lines.

Because Tasmania is isolated and relatively unknown, the Vortex remains in pristine condition sending out pure energy as it arrives on the planet. Both Sue and Barbara are conduits for this energy enabling the clear passage through these lines to areas that are in need of cleansing.

Sue’s role as Earthkeeper of this Tasmanian Vortex is as a protector of the Energies to keep them pure.

Earthkeepers are located in high energy places to protect the sites and enable the new energies to flow. They are often unknown and unrecognized except on the spiritual planes of existence.

The energies of the Tasmanian Vortex are naturally healing to visitors on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level and simply reading the book will bring on insights and clarity. The stories in the book will spark personal growth.

The cover of the book was designed by Carol Matthews and is itself an activator of these very energies.

It’s an easy to read adventure that invites the reader to come along as well.

Read this book and unlock the benefits of the Tasmanian Vortex and the Quantum Field today!


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