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Today I made up some more of our popular Mary Essence, and as my mind drifted a thought popped in and said it is Trinity time. Recently the sacred marriage energies arrived for those that are ready. When the sacred marriage takes place within in yourself, the third of the Trinity, which is your own essence or higher self joins the divine father and divine mother, and you become complete.
I was inspired to make the Trinity Essence a few years ago but never did much promotion of it. It is the most powerful essence of our set, and because of the ingredients, Trinity iris, azeztulite, and Herkimer diamond, and another crystal which I will keep nameless, it proved to be too strong for most people. However, I feel the time is right now as the frequencies on our planet are much higher. This essence will clear the deepest of emotional blocks, and allow the spiritual aspirant a clearer path.
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This essence is so powerful at bringing up “stuck” emotions and blocks that we require you to have a live consult with Sue Christiansen before we can ship this to you.

  • Those who are serious about their spiritual path still have lingering issues.
  • solution: Bring on a massive emotional shift to bring about change.

benefit: It can plummet you to the depths to release old patterns, and send you into an ecstatic state where everything falls into place

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