Remembrance Day 11th Nov 2017

Can you believe it??? 11/11 already!
Seems like it was only yesterday that we were tuning in for the amazing energies coming through the 11/11 star gate last year!

It is happening again!

More dynamic energies are arriving that will help you to align more easily through the 11/11 gateway.


The energies this time are speaking directly to our crystalline bodies, even if they are still in the formation stage.

 To prepare for these energies we should be more aligned with the crystal we are becoming, and yes, we can program ourselves as we do our own crystals.

How do we do this? 

Just by listening, sending yourself love and happiness, and most importantly respect. 

 We are becoming a living breathing crystal, how cool is that ??Plenty of cleansing, being out under the full moon, and talking to your crystalline body.

Oh by the way, you can program your crystal to heal, something that I recommend that you do, especially during the 11/11 gateway.

So tune in etherically at your own time at

11 am on the 11th of November 2017

and receive all the downloads to your quantum being.

Make sure you set aside some quiet time for this!

To assist you, here’s the replay from the global healing meditation.

This has always been a very special day for us as on the 11/11/2009 (another 11) we were in the Great Pyramid of Giza watching magic happen…

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