Revisiting the Past


Someone needs to redefine retirement as everyone will tell you, life just gets busier!

However I have been able to do quite a few jobs that have been put off!

I have also been asked to do a few talks, I spoke in Hobart, and this last weekend in Burnie. Many of my early days in Tassie were spent in this area so I looked up a few of my old “energetic” haunts.

My favourite was a Forestry Park at Oldina.

After 20 years absence I was devastated to not be able to find it. The area had been logged, that I thought it was in. I travelled further out the road but alas, no familiar buzz or anything that resembled it. I went as far as I thought it could be, but hopefully not far enough.

The next place was Ridgley and the beautiful Guide Falls. I stayed in the peace and enjoyed the walk .

The talk went well I believe and I was able to reach people with the reason the Vortex exists. They could feel what I was talking about as I watched most of their eyes start to glow. A good night and a great weekend!

If you'd like to have me speak at your next event about earth-keeping or vortexes or raising the consciousness on the planet, please let me know!

conscious awakening

Guide Falls Tasmania  photo by Tassiesue

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