Sacred Dolphins & Whales & Schumann Resonance – How to Increase Your Intuition

Unlocking Sacred Geometry with Whales and Dolphins: Callie Kares’ Journey

Experience the magic and healing powers of Hawaii’s marine life as told by a woman who has been blessed by their presence. She’s on a mission to save the world and help everyone tap into their intuition

I believe that it really was from my saying yes at the very beginning, it wasn’t them coming.

My special guest is Callie Kares

Introducing Callie Kares, an extraordinary energy healer with a special affinity for whales and their connection to the Schumann resonance. Callie’s deep-seated passion for the ocean and its incredible marine life has led her on a journey of discovery, unlocking the powerful energy held within these awe-inspiring creatures. As an intuitive guide, Callie helps spiritually-minded individuals tap into the transformative power of whales, allowing them to experience their own energy shifts and awakenings. With a warm, friendly demeanor and a wealth of knowledge, Callie Kares is truly an inspiring force in the realm of energy transformation.

This is Callie Kares’s story:

Once upon a time, nestled on the mystical coastlines of Hawaii, Callie Kares first stumbled upon a connection she never knew existed. The energy that radiated from the magnificent whales captivated the young woman as they seemingly called out to her, opening her heart and awakening her spirit. A preteen at the time, she felt a sense of belonging that transcended her Canadian roots, and knew she was destined to live among these gentle giants. Years later, Callie discovered the powerful resonance between whales and the Schumann frequencies, and her life changed forever. With her newfound knowledge, she found solace in sharing her experiences with others, helping them achieve energy transformation and embrace the healing power of these majestic creatures.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Immerse yourself in the healing world of connecting with humpback whales and dolphins.
  • Gain insights on enhancing your intuition and embracing your genuine self.
  • Embrace your capabilities for leading your life in a positive direction.
  • Explore the fascinating correlation between whales and the Schumann resonance in relation to personal energy transformation.
  • Realize the importance of self-connection and heart-centered living for overall well-being.

Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry, the eternal patterns found in nature, is integral to maintaining the harmony and balance that demonstrates the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. The infinity sign, a sacred geometry pattern symbolizing power and unity, plays an essential role in energy healing by helping energy move through the body and unblock pain. Callie Kares sheds light on the unique insights she has witnessed regarding dolphins and sacred geometry. She reports having observed dolphins blowing walls of bubbles, with sacred geometry patterns appearing within these walls. By understanding and harnessing sacred geometry, individuals can tap into the unity and power of the universe, using it for their spiritual development and healing.

Whales and the Schumann Resonance
The Schumann resonance, the vibration held in whales’ bodies that connect the Earth and makes it one, is a key component in grounding and maintaining the balance of energies. Whales, by circling the Earth, increase the resonance, transforming and transmitting energy throughout. This increased resonance leads to a greater ability to access our higher selves and achieve miraculous transformation. Callie Kares discusses the connection between whales and the Schumann resonance, giving listeners a fresh perspective on the healing powers of these creatures and their unique relationship with Earth. Kares believes that by remembering who we are and working on ourselves, we can harness the transformative power within whales and the Schumann resonance, aligning ourselves with the frequency of miracles.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Attend Callie Kares’ retreat to experience an initiation with the whales and dolphins.
  • Use the infinity sign to help release pain and emotional blockages.
  • Explore using sacred geometry for healing by observing the bubbles blown by the dolphins and whales.
  • Visit Hawaii to hear the symphony of the whales and dolphins and potentially experience physical healing.
  • Connect with Callie Kares on social media to stay updated on her work with the whales and dolphins.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction,
Callie Carey’s shares her experience with whales and dolphins in Hawaii and how she felt called to work with them.

00:02:56 – Initiation,
Callie shares her initiation experience with dolphins where she was pinged in her heart, and all her chakras opened up, and then with the whales, she talks about how their music goes through every cell of your body, and it unblocks any energy blocks.

00:10:57 – Water Blessings,
Callie talks about how she gives water blessings every 11th of the month around the whole world, and how she has been guided by whales to give initiations to people during these blessings.

00:14:10 – Sacred Geometry,
Callie talks about the sacred geometry of dolphins and how they swim in the infinity sign which is a very powerful healing, and how she has seen walls of bubbles being blown, and inside of the wall of bubbles will be sacred geometry.

00:16:43 – Conclusion,
Callie shares how all of her stories have witnesses, and how she has been guided by intuition to be in certain bays, and how it’s illegal to chase the whales and dolphins, but they just show up when she’s there.

00:17:36 – Connecting with Humpback Whales,
Callie Kares shares her transformative experiences connecting with humpback whales in Hawaii. She describes the incredible sound and energy of the whales and how they blow bubbles. She also highlights the whales’ migration patterns and the threat of ship collisions.

00:24:00 – Using Intuition in Business,
Callie Kares discusses how she uses her intuition to help businesses pivot and make the best choices. She empowers her clients to tap into their own innate wisdom and alignment. She also mentions her free five-day challenge and the importance of tuning into the right frequencies.

00:28:17 – Monetizing the Five-Day Challenge,
Callie Kares talks about how she helps potential clients tap into their intuition to know if working with her is a full body yes. She also mentions her program that teaches people to tap into their own innate wisdom. She encourages people to sign up for her free challenge and hints at the possibility of monetizing it.

00:30:20 – Overcoming Paralysis,
Callie Kares shares her personal story of being shot and paralyzed at 20 years old. She talks about how she learned to use visualization to overcome her paralysis and set the only option of achieving her goals. She emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals and getting rid of any negative frequencies.

00:33:49 – Downloading the Chapter,
Callie Kares invites listeners to visit her website,, to download a free

00:34:46 – The Importance of Personal Mastery,
Callie emphasizes the need for personal mastery in a rapidly changing world. By becoming masters of their own lives, individuals can create a positive ripple effect in their families, communities, and beyond.

00:35:41 – Whales and the Schumann Resonance,
Callie explains how whales hold the Schumann resonance of the Earth through their bodies, connecting the planet and increasing its energy. By doing our own inner work, we can raise our vibration and align with the frequency of miracles.

00:36:16 – Remembering Who We Are,
Callie reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that we are more powerful than we realize. By connecting to our hearts and remembering our true selves, we can make significant changes and experience supernatural things.

00:37:09 – Living Authentically,
Callie shares her mission to help people remember who they are and live authentically. She acknowledges that life can be challenging, but by staying connected to our highest selves, we can navigate through difficulties and align with the frequency of miracles.

00:38:20 – Closing Remarks,
Callie sends her love and warm aloha to everyone and thanks Barbara for having her on the podcast. Barbara acknowledges Callie’s amazing work and invites her to come back and share more of her story in the future.

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