Sending Energy Into the Grids Meditation

Special insights from Monica:

The meditation last night found me in the grid, thinking of the animals and what came through where Elephants.

They talked about our greed and how we have lost our sense of self and love for our planet.  How we allow people to coerce us; and fear.  And they said that is how they feel for ‘their’ children.

Then, with a background of elephant feet, across the globe beating on the earth:-

They beat the earth to let us hear

To bring our attention to what is near

They call and swing their trunks to say

Pay attention to us, DON’T look away

For they are closest to man in thought

And yet the fear that this has brought

Has let to their downfall and destruction.

They beat the earth for us to hear

Tio bring our attention to what is near.

I asked ‘What can we do?’

Be a herd, not a group

Be a herd, not a person

Be a herd, use your grid

Know your chakra’s in your space

Balance them

Then beat the earth and join our sound

For when it joins into the ground

Then will you hear that beat up high

And as you sit up in the sky

You WILL be able to feel as a herd


Channelling from Monica 2nd October 2021

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