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0022 Connecting the Infinite to the Finite




Connecting the Infinite to the Finite

Our awareness is working far better and we’re also going to be far more aware of the animals that aren’t physical.

We’re going to be far more aware of the elementals around us, the unseen people and specifically the animals are really coming into their own now.

Expansion Mediation November Global Healing 2018



This meditation will have a profound opportunity to expand your awareness of what love is and how to extend it through the illusion of all time and space and bring it back to your YOU, right here, right now.


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Break the Cycle of Addiction with Joe Mintzer

From a very young age Joe fell into the trap of drugs and alcohol. Now, after many years and many different types of facilities he has worked past his demons and currently through the use of meditation he has been able to set his mind at ease. His project ” The Spiraddict Warrior Project ” aims at giving former addicts or as he calls them “Survivors” a safe place to meet, meditate, workout, and perform other outdoor activities. It is his hope that through sharing his story of addiction to spirituality that he can influence other to stay away and help them to understand that they are perfect just the way they are. 

You can connect with Joe at https://instagram/mintzerjoe  or www.spiraddictwarrior.com


Break the Cycle of Addiction with Meditation


Unlimited Energy with David Adelson

We had a great interview with David.

David Adelson is the developer of over 500 Quantum Energy Enhancer™ programs and products including art and photography, bottled tinctures, CDs, DVDs, MP3's, video downloads, Vyruv™ Energy Cards, Handheld Harmony Sphere devices, and Distance Clearing programs that help re-establish everyone's optimal Personal Energy Signature®, "spiritual genius" has released several free programs that restore harmony and peace while dissolving negativity and stress in specific areas.

David Adelson will be spending this year and next developing and raising 350 individuals to cosmic status to fulfill their destinies as Invincible Stars of Heaven living here on Earth.

Some of the things we chatted about with David:

What is God?

What is consciousness?

Why are first people's all over the world being challenged? 

How do we help the dominators heal their aggression?

What's next for planet Earth?

Please tune in to hear David's answers.

We'd love to hear your comments.

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