Unleash Your Inner Divine Self: Tips for Connecting with Christ Consciousness


Discover the Power of Christ Consciousness: A Path to Spiritual Awakening I grew up in a deeply Catholic family and attended Catholic school through 6th grade.  So Easter was always a time for Spring and a new outfit in Pittsburgh where I grew up.  I wasn’t always so sure that the Catholic Church was correct … Read more

The Art of Empathy, Love & Compassion: Metta Meditation

how to do metta meditation

Transforming Empathy & Raging Empaths into Compassion We talked a lot of about empathy and some of the pitfalls of being overly empathic and actually suffering from taking on energies from people around you. Then we talked about raising our vibration to the level of compassion vs empathy. They are 2 very different things. One … Read more

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