Unstoppable Tracy Meets the Vortex

Tv Show Host & TedX Best Selling Author in Business and Self Help, #1 International MegaSuccess Speaker, #1 Global Woman Award Winning Transformational Leader, Honoured Humanitarian, Success Authority, and Decorated Athlete. #UnstoppableTracy supports peak performance in you by disarming your limiting beliefs to thrive as the best version of yourself or business! Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt, … Read more

Break the Cycle of Addiction with Joe Mintzer

https://youtu.be/OtJdtGnxqM8 From a very young age Joe fell into the trap of drugs and alcohol. Now, after many years and many different types of facilities he has worked past his demons and currently through the use of meditation he has been able to set his mind at ease. His project ” The Spiraddict Warrior Project … Read more

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