Tao Calligraphy: Your Gateway to Quantum Healing

A NEW MEANING TO “ART AS HEALING”… I’ve always intuitively known that All art has the potential to heal us. It can move us, comfort us, awaken us to a new way of seeing. But I hadn’t pictured it as a way to heal us both by drawing the art and simply by observing it. … Read more

What Is A Soul?

God’s magnificent aspect, the soul, takes on different forms and experiences in various lifetimes, according to [Speaker 1]. The soul undergoes purification and darkness in different realms and planes, but remains the essence of God. [Speaker 1] emphasizes the soul’s divine nature and the various experiences it goes through in different lifetimes.

The Energetic Edge: Dr. Liam Burke’s Guide to Optimal Health and Wellness

Dr Liam studied at RMIT University, completing a double degree in Chiropractic. His practice is now Chirolife Hobart in Hobart’s CBD. After completing chiropractic, he studied the modality Integral Energetics with Dr Fred Swann for 2 years in Melbourne. And avidly follows He now enjoys life on the eastern shore of Hobart. Lost Freight Cafe is … Read more

Moldavite: So Rare, It’s Practically Out of This World (Literally!)

rare gemstone meteorite moldavite

Moldavite is a rare and powerful gemstone that is highly prized by metaphysical practitioners and collectors alike. This green, glass-like stone is formed from a meteorite impact that occurred over 15 million years ago in what is now the Czech Republic. The metaphysical properties of moldavite are said to be profound and transformative, making it … Read more

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