Tao Calligraphy: Your Gateway to Quantum Healing

A NEW MEANING TO “ART AS HEALING”… I’ve always intuitively known that All art has the potential to heal us. It can move us, comfort us, awaken us to a new way of seeing. But I hadn’t pictured it as a way to heal us both by drawing the art and simply by observing it. … Read more

2024 The Year of Abundance

by Dr. Robert Pease Numerologist “Universal year of an 8. Deal with the whole self and no longer ignore the shadow. Revealing those parts creates clearer decisions and with confidence. Ushering unprecedented change and transformation, there is a colossal gateway to another way to approach life. Exploration of the inner world in a new way.  … Read more

Grandmother Sue on Insomnia Radio

In this episode of Insomnia, Sifu  has a conversation with dear friend Grandmother Sue, an earthkeeper from the Vortex Healing Centre Inc in Tasmania. Grandmother Sue is a member of Australia’s  Counsel of 13 Grandmothers and a carrier of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies. Grandmother is able to upload or download information into vortexes or ley … Read more

The Power of Silence for Beginners

Getting started with Silence My first real meditation retreat was doing a 10 day Vipassana mediation in a corner of Wales with a Buddhist monk and his crew of merry followers. In hindsight, I would never recommend that as an intro to meditation for anyone, no matter how serious they are about coming to their … Read more

The History of the Tasmanian Vortex

IINterview with TassieSue about the history and power of the Tasmanian Vortex   You can read more about it.   https://amzn.to/2sUf5rRamazon kindle colour paperbackhttp://bit.ly/vhcolour lulu black & white paperbackhttp://bit.ly/vhcbookThe History Of The Tasmanian VortexA spiritual journey of awakening and connecting to the energies of the land in Tasmania.Earthkeeper Barbara Susan Christiansen began her journey many … Read more

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