02 02 22 Energy Download

Replay of Global Healing Meditation

We are just settling back down after the massive downloads and energetic waves
flowing through following the 02 02 2022

and the subsequent solar storms that followed.

We’re now in the second week of Chinese New Year, the Water Yang Tiger energy.

I don’t usually follow the chinese energy symbols, but this one caught my attention.

What does it mean that this “tiger” year is also a Water and Yang year?

The Chinese cycle is actually a 60 year cycle,with Earth, Wind, Wood, Fire and Water elements being assigned as a Yin or Yang year and complimenting each of the 12 animal zodiac signs.

So, water yang tiger energy brings a great opportunity for change, growth, adventure and building momentum in your new pursuits, according to my favorite chinese herbalist of Jing Herbs.

“The Tiger is a powerful, direct, and cautious sign, typically associated with the Wood element. It signals a need for accomplishment and effort.”

The water energy helps everything to flow, go with flow and accept change.

The Yang component will help you to take action and finish and make great strides toward your goals.

Sounds like what we could all use after resting in our quiet spaces for the last few years.

So, good news for all who are ready to start moving again!

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