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I’ve always intuitively known that All art has the potential to heal us.

It can move us, comfort us, awaken us to a new way of seeing.

But I hadn’t pictured it as a way to heal us both by drawing the art and simply by observing it.

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Carol’s Bio: As the sole Tao Calligraphy Lineage Holder appointed by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha and one of his Leading Teachers, I share insights gained over a decade. My passion lies in guiding individuals to overcome mental distress, discover joy and purpose, and embrace their true selves, unlocking inherent power and potential. Despite a successful career, she faced challenges with chronic depression and social anxiety, self sabotaging herself, losing touch with happiness and meaning. Breaking free from overthinking, constant negativity, and the pursuit of perfection, she allowed positivity to shine in small moments, transcending limitations and fostering closer relationships. Today, she leads an empowered, purposeful life. She specialises in guiding people to overcome mental distress and embrace their authentic selves especially with Tao Calligraphy, a Source Transformative Art carrying a high dimension quantum healing field.

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Barbara Longue 0:07
Fantastic. So welcome, everybody. We’re on Carol Lou’s channel today for the vortex energy podcast. This is where we delve into the fascinating world of energetic and wellness space. So join us as we explore the latest trends, insights and innovations that are shaping the landscape of holistic well being. Get ready to unleash your energy potential and embark on a transformative journey towards vitality, balance and inner harmony. Tune in for captivating discussions, discussions and valuable discoveries that will elevate your understanding of energy, health and wellness. And today, we’re really thrilled to have Carol Lu with us here today. And she’s going to bring a new meaning to art as healing. You know, I think many people know intuitively that all art has the potential to heal us. It can move us comfort us awaken us to a new way of seeing, but I hadn’t pictured it as a way to heal us both by drawing the art and simply by observing it. So welcome, Carol.

Carol Liu 1:07
Thank you, Brad, Brad for having me today. I’m so happy to be with you all. And thank you for those that don’t know me. I am one of Dr. and Master Zicheng Shas leading teachers and he’s only Tao calligraphy then a child at Dell Calligraphy is the source transformative that that I’m going to give you an experience today that Dr. Annemasse dizzying share, he is the creator of the Dell Technologies including Dell calligraphy. He has been trained as a western medicine doctor, traditional Chinese medicine doctor, he is a dowel Grandmaster and a grandmaster of many Eastern arts including Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chi Gong, eaching, Fonterra, you name it, he’s been studying since the age of six, very inspirational and continues to learn and grow. That his vision, his passion is to empower others, to enlighten others to help people to be happier and healthier. And I came in my journey, seeking healing for anxiety and depression, where modern medicine and other healing modalities wasn’t able to help me to bring that transformation. It could, some of them allowed me to kind of maintain that state, but that state was filled with that negativity that hate. I couldn’t find myself, I closed my heart. I couldn’t picture myself what is the purpose of my living and for the practices of Dr. Emerson Zicheng share the negative information inside the neck cleared it enough for me to realize for myself, who I am, realize that I can appreciate myself and I can I have qualities are meant to be here for a reason. And that is to serve to help more people to be happier and healthier. And through my journey, Dell calligraphy was what connected me the most. I came from an IT background software engineer, I was great at picking the problems, analyzing it to the finer details, finding the exceptions to rules, finding the loopholes and things that’s vise yield. And that doesn’t help when you want to move on that positive path. Down calligraphy. Its carries the source. Quantum Field. dowel in master shares teachings is what we call the ultimate source and creator. So it is universal. You can translate it to your own beliefs and faith. Whether it is God whether it’s that universal oneness, whatever it is, The ultimate source and creator, that Master Chef found a way to be the channel and servant to tune in and put the palette the Tao Source field into the writing of Tao calligraphy. And it is a high dimension, high frequency field. When you connect with it, you can experience that positivity, to uplift your negative information to uplift the negative frequencies and vibrations. The beauty about our calligraphy, especially when you’re writing is that you have to focus, focus with your soul, heart, mind and body together. You can just write and think about something else and do something else. Your writing of the affected and impacted even with you know writing in it, that it you are channeling and aligning your soul heart, mind and body to a higher frequency as you write that you can also connect with that by doing practice with the depth calligraphy as well. We then offer promises or guarantees but this 1000s of touching stories around the world and 19 clinical research studies that verifies master Shas techniques complement modern medicine, improving clinical symptoms, including the pain anxiety. And there was also cancer studies, chronic conditions as well improving the quality of life in the Master Chef shares 50% comes from the datasource the blessings, what we receive. The other half is our own work that we also do in our part, I interpret that as the blessings can help you create the path that you need to walk it. So that’s why the it is a journey of healing and transformation. And it is one that requires us to move forward that we are supported by the data source, side by side helping you along that way. So let me write Adele calligraphy, for you to experience this sacred, transformative art. Before we begin, I’d like everyone to close their eyes if you’re able to. And I want you to tune into your physical body. If you have physical body pain, you can choose an aspect of your physical body that you would like healing and transformation for something that you can assess that you can write from one out of 10 Let’s write it on a positive scale. So one being the negative and 10 being positive. If it’s an aspect of your physical body that discomfort that I mean where is that if it was kind of an emotion al positive is that emotion, how much that it impels you

Unknown Speaker 9:14
This is how much that it it could be if you were having negative in nature, how strong is that? Does it control you right it from one to 10

Speaker 1 9:40
in this and allow yourself to not hold on to that number not hold on to that aspect. You are activating that information in your vibration field. So that It can quantum entangle with the Dow calligraphy field and we want the Dow calligraphy field to interact to join and connect. So you can uplift your field, your frequency and vibration

Speaker 1 10:33
I am going to write the dowel calligraphy of greatest love. The greatest love melts the blockages and allow this field to support you.

Speaker 1 11:44
I want you to put Earth pants out facing the screen facing the dowel calligraphy. Allow your palms in traditional Chinese medicine and your sacred teachings your palms a very powerful allow the invisible source love and light from the calligraphy to go in to through your hands to your heart center to your request allowed the light to flow with the power of the greatest love to melt the blockages. Focus on this flow of love coming into supporting you where it’s needed. You don’t need to control where it’s going. The beauty about the dowel calligraphy, it has its own dowel Source Intelligence that it goes to where it’s needed. Sometimes for example, you may have knee pain and it goes to your ban to other areas as there is interconnected information that needs healing and transformation also that we may or may not be aware of. Focus on the love and Allah Flowing into you supporting you

Speaker 1 14:04
are you feeling again to take this one last step that if you gently open your eyes, this is the Dow calligraphy, brightest Love In Chinese it’s that means greatest I mean so we’re going to hold our five fingers to get a grip like this and trace the Tao calligraphy I’m just using one finger so that I can guide you along that path through your fingers the energy meridians allow yourself to connect with the feel of the Dell calligraphy. The path of the writing is where the field is. So you are thinking more grids. donating long as you price down calligraphy we’re going to Acts expressed our greatest love by also chanting greatest love as we do this

Unknown Speaker 15:23
can breathing great love

Speaker 1 15:38
allow yourself to have positive intentions focusing on becoming the greatest love what we chant what we trace is a allowing us to activate this universal quality that is in everyone and everything become the greatest love as you chant and trace breathing marae

Unknown Speaker 16:28

Unknown Speaker 16:43
one more time great lunch

Speaker 1 17:00
all right and we can close out connect within yourself How do you feel? Visualizing the light flowing with the greatest love melting the blockages melting the blockages inside of you allow yourself to see the new information brighter begin stronger, healthier, happier and you feel yourself being the greatest love can you bring out more of your beautiful smile staying connected inside of you feel love for yourself or others or your request you are melting and vibrating this beautiful love frequency

Speaker 1 18:35
and allow yourself to check in with your request again. How does it look and feel now? Do you notice a difference when some people may feel that sense of peace groundedness hardness This is a great step

Unknown Speaker 19:03
in the positive direction that negative information has been released are you to take the step forward in your journey.

Speaker 1 19:23
Some people may feel the opposite and feel worse. A change in that vibration. It could mean that more of this negative information is coming out on such a deep level to be released to be transformed. Give more love and light to this area. Love and Light To further melt the blockages to release on a deeper level, allow that transformation journey to continue. Just like all journeys, there are ups and downs. As you move forward, keep on moving forward with love and light

Speaker 1 20:31
holding that love and gratitude, thank you to the Dow calligraphy that supported us. Thank you to Mr. Shah, for bringing this technology for us to experience healing and transformation. And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes. We’d love to see your feedback, you can type on the chat, your comments anyone wants to share here with us, you can raise your hand and we can have a little bit of a sharing on what that is, what is your experience for you.

Unknown Speaker 21:36
Checking in

Speaker 1 21:43
Okay, all is good in it. So, this is a short experience connecting with the data delivery. People may want to share delay in sharing in the array the comments later on there. What I want to do now is take it to a different level that it is easy to connect with the dental calligraphy by tracing it, or even just having a hand up facing the calligraphy that anyone can do it. There’s no side effects in it. So give this a go. Sometimes we need to take longer in our transformation. Just like when we are sick. And we take medicine or having one session with your complementary alternative medicine doctor. It may not be enough that I took two months dedicated practice of me to really shift and release, neutralize that negative that strong negative charge and mindset in things. And so allow yourself to experience there are many opportunities available, where you can experience deeper and deeper. The other aspect is what I love, which is the Dow calligraphy writing just like art, just like your handwriting. Depending on your mood, depending on where you’re at your writing changes. So expresses yourself. Tracing is good. But writing you can develop a greater connection with yourself discover more about yourself. So I’m going to demonstrate the writing as well. And then I will read the comments. I believe we have Geraldine here that would love additional healings in there. So welcome Geraldine but you like to share the the

Unknown Speaker 24:54
share what my healing? Would

Speaker 1 24:57
you like a healing force? You’re

Speaker 2 25:02
probably for managing everything that I do without getting stressed. Reducing that yeah, reducing stress generally

Unknown Speaker 25:17
reducing what is your stress level now?

Unknown Speaker 25:22
Probably about four or five,

Speaker 1 25:27
four or five? How is the tracing them experience for you?

Speaker 2 25:36
I found the I actually what I found was the chanting with it with the tracing. Yeah, I thought there was something good in that in having two things happening.

Speaker 1 25:50
The vibration is stronger that must have shashin is the six palette techniques. And we were tracing and chatting together that’s two out of the six pal techniques. So as you add on extra and extra that it magnifies this power. So I am going to write a calligraphy personalized to you relation to your stress would you like to receive a message from the Tao calligraphy and extra blessings?

Speaker 2 26:25
Yes, that would be very nice, thank you,

Speaker 1 26:31
Kennedy. Everyone, you can close your eyes if you wish to to really resonate with the vibration that is what is more important than the beauty of the writing of course the writing is also beautiful, but what you’re tuning in is that healing and transformation frequency that you if you wish to have your eyes open that’s also okay as well as the eyes and windows to your heart and soul. So, you still can receive benefits. So, I am going to tune in to Geraldine to connect and write a personalized style calligraphy for you.

Speaker 1 28:16
You can open your eyes this is the calligraphy based on my connection how much I can connect with Geraldine in every writing as its own message, what I can tune in for the calligraphy is you have a very pure clean channel in there that I feel it when I was writing the dal calligraphy where I see that you could allow yourself to transform that stress I love that stress is part of it is because of the the mind there is some tightness in the head in there that can be released in that and the flow that you can this can be more power in more power inside of you that can be float that it’s it’s good to have a great channel that things they to me. It’s just like the water in the pipe in it. It’s your it’s any trick going along, rather than allowing a powerful flow of water coming radiating out from you in there that what I can see in your writing that you have that power, but it’s not coming out to support you as much as like this part of you that is not turning the tap to the full it’s only a little bit other that you can release your power more and more. So I’m going to write over this calligraphy offering you additional blessing for that period area the mind area and also bring bring out your pout, bring it out to come out and support you so everyone can close your eyes even if you’re not receiving the blessing from the Tao calligraphy This is what Geraldine I believe that you can because you’re in the presence of this creation of this field you can receive that splash to support you as well. So you can close your eyes and let me tune into the data source to offer a blessing.

Speaker 1 32:34
Allowing yourself to relax feel the invisible source love and light flowing in your body as it flows bringing more positive information for you activating your power and shine now if a mission to yourself that you can show us are the greatest love spreading that love melting the blockages supporting you and others

Speaker 1 33:55
taking a deep breath going down to your lower abdomen and breathing. Breathing the positive condensing it into meld with the higher frequencies as you breathe out. Breathe out the blockages adding that love and gratitude putting that smile as you gently open arms

Speaker 1 34:38
would you like to share anything Geraldine about the message on the Dow calligraphy and what you experience?

Speaker 2 34:47
I think it just reinforced this in my mind that the things I’ve got to do, I can do I’m just create sort of creating the stress and probably like you’re saying is directing the energy, I need to put the energy into doing what I need to do instead of stressing about what I’ve got to do. And the things I want to do anyway it’s so it’s it’s sort of unconflicted in that way. So yeah, do definitely is a need for a channel forward.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
And how is the blessing?

Speaker 2 35:26
Yeah, well that’s that’s sort of helped I think to soothe some of those conflicted feelings that I’ve got. Thank you.

Speaker 1 35:36
If you look at charity in space, how it has it’s now so small smiling and opening up a lot more. Thank you to the diagonal maker fee. Congratulations, in that means the brand new Spotlight. Okay, let me read some of the comments from others as well. PETA says I felt wonderful relaxation and relief of pain in my neck left knee. Wonderful. Barbara says felt a profound expansion of the love vibration through my whole body. All right. Leonie says Thank you, Carol. That was really beautiful waves of peace and relaxation, and less pain in my neck and shoulders. Thank you so much. Suddenly says grateful to be here much light from the dowel calligraphy. Thank you. Carolyn had a lot going on before. And now feeling much calmer. And Leonie, also say she looks very different. Congratulations on your blessing. Did Oh. So I welcome you to join me there to experience the Dow calligraphy or to have a weekly Facebook Live as well. And I do have my upcoming Tao calligraphy course where you can join to learn the writing to learn this art of healing and transformation. In there, that link will be posted on there as well. But people let me bring Barbara on.

Barbara Longue 37:48
Yeah, great. Thank you so much for that whole experience, Carol, that was really beautiful. But I’m hoping you can help summarize, for the listeners who aren’t familiar with you just give the very short version of like, if we were five year olds, what is Tao calligraphy and what makes this so powerful for you?

Speaker 1 38:14
Tao Calligraphy is a art that carries a very high frequency and vibration field that can be utilized to uplift your field. And that’s where healing and transformation can take place.

Barbara Longue 38:37
Fantastic. And what advice would you give to other listeners who are looking to discover Joy purpose and embrace their true selves through the practice of Tao calligraphy?

Speaker 1 38:50
Nice thing is thank you that oh, wait, hold on to a hope there is always a way and we may not have recognized that found that yet. And we need to keep that openness that we need to be committed in our healing journey. Some people are looking for that magic pill in there and you just take it and it all goes away. But if you don’t transform that negative patterns in there, your habits and then you just recreate things again and again as well. So allow yourself to create positive patterns and work out what can help you to bring out a higher uplifted state of you and utilize that positive power to make those changes Sometimes we need to repeat, repeat until the patterns are strong enough that it surpasses the old negative patterns. And sometimes it’s easier to release. That would be the universal formula of transfer transformation.

Barbara Longue 40:23
So tell us, how did you actually get to become the sole lineage holder of this Dao calligraphy through master Shah? I’m really quite impressed. And I’m really honored to have you on this podcast. So give us a little bit more juicy details here.

Speaker 1 40:41
It is really, because I was guided by my soul game to that state that I never expected. As I said, I was at that I was suffering from anxiety and depression, chronic anxiety, depression. I had really, really deep chronic social anxiety. Anyone actually see me going on this stage speaking, sharing in that. And Tao calligraphy was introduced, roughly a year, a year and a half when I first started, so I was still kind of that that age, but there was a calling from my soul. I need to do down calligraphy. I need to be a teacher. But I was resisting with my mind. To do Oh, yeah. But then it kind of my soul became strong as I stood it. I practice the Dow calligraphy and I submitted my writing to be assessed on what I can teach to other people. And then Master Sha was moved, that I wrote over 50 calligraphies and I think I did three of each phrase in that, in that period of time. And he made me the sole Tao calligraphy lineage. And I’m still the sole Tao calligraphy lineage at this time in and as I go, I was still very new. And Master Shah was also very new in that technology as well. But now Master Sha is like you lay up there and I am going deeper and really discovering more and more the profound this the insights into the Dow calligraphy and helping others to realize it for themselves.

Barbara Longue 43:07
That’s amazing. That’s a great story. So where do you see this all going with the Dow calligraphy How do you see your role in impacting the Dow calligraphy around the planet with the teachings of master Shah?

Speaker 1 43:22
Tao Calligraphy is the main one of the core Tao technologies of Master Chef, that he incorporates it in almost every session that he does in there. And what I see is to how calligraphy can be a universal tool that more of humanity will be able to find the Tao calligraphy and utilize it in a very universal way. Not only in healing and transformation, having the down calligraphy, changes the Fung Shui other place, there has been stories where there has been buyers bushfires around and their home was saved whereas the ones beside it was burned down in there, that the field of the jack like a free is beyond comprehension. That and also you can tap into the higher messages, universal messages, not only messages about yourself, but help you in your life in any aspect. As I said that, there is really no side effects. All you need to do is commit your time. Spend time to connect Just like you develop a relationship with your friend, develop the relationship with the doubt calligraphy, and he can support your life. Your family’s Mo.

Barbara Longue 45:16
That’s fantastic. So are you ready for a couple of quick questions, Carol?

Unknown Speaker 45:21
Go ahead.

Barbara Longue 45:22
Fantastic. So what is for you the greatest spiritual lesson in all of this?

Speaker 1 45:29
The greatest spiritual lesson for me is the that it goes beyond the positive and the negative, which is the union? Well, what I am working on more and more, is that oneness alignment, nice that it’s not just about balance, it’s about joining as one, there is positives and negatives, there’s negatives in positive, that nothing is perfect. This allow yourself to have that oneness condition.

Barbara Longue 46:15
And what is consciousness?

Speaker 1 46:18
What is consciousness? Consciousness? Is? It is the, the soul, it is the information it is, whatever you want to call it, it’s that vibration in it.

Barbara Longue 46:38
And what is your definition of God?

Speaker 1 46:42
My definition of God is just like the definition of the dowel. It’s the Universal Creator of everyone and everything. Whatever it is, that manifests.

Barbara Longue 46:58
Then where do you feel most at peace with yourself?

Speaker 1 47:02
When I feel most at peace, when I start thinking it’s fine when I because of my mind. And the more I think, the more that it makes it worse. It’s better not to think.

Barbara Longue 47:24
Yeah, I agree. And what does your spiritual practice look like on a daily basis? I know you said you, you’ve been up since 1am. This morning doing doing online practices, what what’s your typical day look like?

Unknown Speaker 47:39
My typical day, it kind of varies depending on what time I wake up.

Speaker 1 47:47
But there is I understand, practice is important. That’s why I create a one hour Monday through Friday class so that I really set myself time to do practice in there. So I have that. And group practices have a greater oneness field and frequency. So I do that practice. I also have my own self practices that I need to like writing down calligraphy, like writing down Calligraphy is more advanced in there so I’d need to do it at my level in order to write the Tao calligraphy to really get sometimes it is to really see where I met sometimes it’s really to help me to release things to write down calligraphy in there and then this other practices that that comes with my role that also do as well.

Barbara Longue 48:57
Nice. And what do you think happens when we die?

Speaker 1 49:03
What happens when we die? It is it’s a transition from one state to another. It we may die is kind of our physical body is at that end of that cycle. But with the Taoist teachings in Everything has a beginning has an ending and ending is a new beginning. So when we die, it’s kind of a new beginning in our next phase in our journey of development in a different way.

Barbara Longue 49:38
Yeah, and what’s the best way for people to reach you who want more info.

Speaker 1 49:44
Now you can reach me by Facebook in there that you can happy for people to email me as well. You post the email. I love the show email that And I welcome any questions, any support that people need any questions, anything that you need help with. Happy to go for that.

Barbara Longue 50:10
Fantastic and can you finish these short sentences you’re ready. The world needs

Unknown Speaker 50:18
more healing.

Barbara Longue 50:21
I believe in

Unknown Speaker 50:24
the greatest love.

Barbara Longue 50:27
Love is

Speaker 1 50:29
love is unconditional service.

Barbara Longue 50:35
Nice. I would like to thank you.

Unknown Speaker 50:39
I’d like to thank my teacher Mr. Sharp.

Barbara Longue 50:43
I am ready to forgive

Unknown Speaker 50:46
everyone and everything.

Barbara Longue 50:50
I want my legacy to be

Speaker 1 50:55
that everyone can be empowered to heal and move forward in their journey.

Barbara Longue 51:04
That was fantastic. Carol, I really loved hearing your answers and I loved hearing and seeing the whole explanation of walking us through Adele, calligraphy a special one for all of us. And anything I missed asking you that you would like to share.

Speaker 1 51:22
Everything is wonderful that my Tao calligraphy course writing courses starting next week on May the second in Australia time and may the first in North America time in this so you can connect with me and I look forward to supporting you so you can learn this sacred app for yourself or your journey. Thank you, Barbara for this opportunity to be with you and be with your audience and

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