The 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers

Sedona 2019

As one of the Thirteen Grandmothers of Australia, I accepted an invitation by the International Indigenous 13 Grandmothers.

A three-day event at Sedona, a place that was on my bucket list. As always when I visit places, the upstairs management finds some thing that needs clearing, connecting or a download of the latest energy. This comes from the Vortex in Tasmania as it is a pristine site.

Since writing my book The History of the Tasmanian Vortex, I have become known, and therefore the negative energies try to stop me and keep the planet in an ignorant state of slumber. I was bombarded with challenges to my trip and by the time I reached Sedona I was a very stressed being.

But I was there!

Fortunately, the good energies were working in the background and the tourist trip to the Vortexes in Sedona, went ahead. (again with a lot of angst and problems! I had to confirm by phone 24 hrs before the trip, I was literally up in the air except for the last half hour.

My phone wouldn’t work nor could I do anything with the limited airport wifi. I had messaged Barbara earlier asking her to ring for me, with 5 mins to go, I asked a man waiting for the flight to Phoenix, to ring for me, he did but was asked for codes I didn’t have. Aghhhhh!Just as the flight was boarding a messaged came through from Barbara that the tour was confirmed! Phew…….

I then had to negotiate the way to my Airbnb lodgings, in a rented car on the wrong side of the road, which was very scary as the speed limit is 75 mph on the highways there. I also managed to hit a pothole that resembled the Grand Canyon and damaged the front wheel rim and tyre. The GPS then took me to the fire station instead of where I was staying, my stress level was at teeth gritting stage. I pulled over, had a bit of a scream and cry, then someone knocked on my window to see if I was ok as I was on the Wrong side of the road!

Big deep breath and a prayer for help saw me back on the road and within a few minutes pulling up at my home for the next five days. 19 hrs of flying, 6 hrs of sitting in airports, 3 hours of driving, and at last I could relax!

The next morning I set off for Sedona, an hours drive away, with plenty of time to spare. I arrived safely and waited for the tour leader. Four of us set off in a jeep to find the Vortexes. Sarah was our guide and told us what she knew about the various sites, and asked of our interest. Well, I said, I had to take this tour to download the codes for the new times, I just have to find the right vortex to download them, or you do! Her face went a bit white then her eyes sparkled and she said “Awesome!!!”

The first place she took us to was a Buddhist site and a bit further on was a Medicine Wheel. I found the Vortex and showed the others how to find/feel them. I watched their faces as the codes were downloaded, they were amazed that they could feel it happen and they swore that everything looked different. Sarah was so excited, she told me she was ready to leave Sedona but needed something more before she left, “I can go now” she said laughing. The rest of the trip was going to be wonderful, now that I had done my work. A great feeling of relief.

The Grandmother dinner was on that evening, and I met a lot of wonderful people. However, the sound on my GPS refused to work and I went miles out of my way to get back to my lodging. The nights are so dark, that signs are easily missed as they too are on the wrong side of the road! More teeth gritting!

The next day was the Grandmothers conference and it was great to listen to the wisdom of these amazing women. There were some very special people attending too, so a great day. The next two days were spent with the Grandmothers and lots of learning and making friends.

On my free day, one of my new friends took me to the Grand Canyon, and she drove!!! The awe and splendour of the Grand Canyon can not be expressed, it must be experienced! A fabulous experience, thanks, Chris!!

The next day it was the long haul back home, and the day after, oh and I lost Thursday altogether as we crossed the international date line.

All in all it was a fabulous trip

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