The Energetic Edge: Dr. Liam Burke’s Guide to Optimal Health and Wellness

Dr Liam studied at RMIT University, completing a double degree in Chiropractic. His practice is now Chirolife Hobart in Hobart’s CBD.

After completing chiropractic, he studied the modality Integral Energetics with Dr Fred Swann for 2 years in Melbourne. And avidly follows

He now enjoys life on the eastern shore of Hobart. Lost Freight Cafe is his favourite place; getting onto the mountain trails with a coffee in hand. Dr Liam’s special interest is in relaxing the mind and calming the body with the emerging techniques he has brought from the mainland.

You can connect with Dr Liam Burke here.

I’ve often wondered why chiropractors and many other manual therapists doing body work don’t integrate more energetic medecine into their work, and Dr Burke explores his path to coming to this realisation. Looking forward to seeing more practitioners with traditional therapies adding in some of these energetic modalities.

Unlocking Holistic Healing: How to Address Stress and Illness for Overall Well-Being – Dr. Liam Burke

Step into a world where tranquility collides with transformation, where a chiropractor’s journey leads to an unexpected twist. Dr. Liam Burke ventured away from the urban chaos, only to discover a profound link between the physical and emotional realms of stress and illness. As he delved deeper, an epiphany unfolded, revealing a path that merges body and mind in ways he never imagined. Prepare to be captivated by his remarkable tale of unlocking tension, releasing stress, and embracing a newfound serenity. The secret lies within…

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the impact of integrating dynamic routines into hands-on healing therapies.
  • Learn how the mind and body intertwine, shaping stress and illness.
  • Uncover the power of treating both the tangible and intangible facets of stress and disease.
  • Understand the advantages and methods of network spinal chiropractic.
  • Acknowledge the importance of emotional release for comprehensive recovery.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:03 – Introduction,

00:02:30 – Finding the Vortex Healing Center,

00:05:19 – The Importance of Relaxing the Body and Stilling the Mind,

00:09:01 – Understanding Overwhelm and Its Impact on Health,

00:10:41 – Network Spinal Chiropractic,

00:14:22 – The Nature of Sensations and Emotions,

00:15:06 – Release of Emotions,

00:16:14 – Working with Chronic Illness,

00:17:52 – Importance of Personality in Healing,

00:18:30 – Network Spinal Chiropractic and Integral Energetics,

00:29:39 – The Unique Energy of Tasmania,

00:31:24 – Entrainment and the Vibration of the Vortex Healing Center,

00:33:03 – Group Sessions and Amplifying the Energy,

00:34:10 – Nature as a Source of Self-Connection,

00:36:09 – Taking Care of Yourself: Water, Breathing, and Emotional Intelligence,

00:44:17 – Spiritual Practice,

00:45:55 – What Happens After Death,

00:48:33 – Importance of the Physical Body,

00:49:11 – Personal Beliefs and Gratitude,

00:51:31 – Free Chat Offer,

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