The Warm Healing Properties of Amber

Amber is one of those mystical elements that seem to increase with every passing year.

Amber starts off as the resin that’s been petrified from the sap of trees from many millenia ago, and it ocassionally contains actual insects that became glued to it’s surface so long ago. The colour of amber varies widely from a pale tan, to deep brown and everything in between.

It’s been found in numerous locations around the planet especially, the Baltic states, Russia, and Central America from Mexico to the Dominican Republic.

A piece of amber tied with simple black cord was my goto amulet for many years. According to numerous mystics, the qualities of amber can assist with an incredibly wide range of attributes from: grounding and connecting back to the earth, drawing off toxins with the electrostatic properties of amber, supporting the emotional body while eliminating negative energies, chakra rebalancing, aligning the spiritual bodies and connecting to your higher powers, and as meditation and divination tool.

Whew! Seems it does just about everything?

I personally like it best as a grounding tool and the ability to help connect to long lost time, long before humans were the dominant species ont he planet.

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