What Can Hemp Seed Oil Do for Dogs & Horses

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Sue & I have been using CBD and hemp seed oil for a few years now and we've had some amazing success in mitigating pain of various types including arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

It wasn't until today when someone asked me how much hemp oil should I give my horse and my dog that I thought we should really address that question.

The data is not prominent yet for animals but the research that is out there seems to show that the Omega 3's and 6's that are so good for humans are also good for pets, particularly animals with arthritic or inflammatory issues or with skin problems of some sort.

I was listening to a trainer in Queensland was talking about how much she's loved giving it to her horses But suggested doses will need to be closely monitored for your pet. 

Sue has experimented with Shiloh and had good results so far, but price can be an issue with large animals like horses!

We have a few different sizes and of hemp oil but we our favourite is the Tassie hemp seed oil from 13 Seeds.  You can click here to see what it's all about.

There's a company called broadleaf that actually makes a special label for dogs but it seems to be the exact same product as the traditional hemp oils we buy locally here from natural farmers in Tassie.

For dogs, the recommendation is:

For a 15-25kg dog

1/2 teaspoon for General health and  up to 1 teaspoon for illness or injury.

Adjust proportionately for smaller/larger animals and test it first with a small quantity as with anything you give your pet.

For horses, the suggested dosage is:
For General health 15ml  | Illness or injury 20-50ml per day

Sue is a naturopath but not a veterinarian so do your own research and testing.

Tribute to a Spiritual Warrior

A farewell and tribute to James Tyberonn or Tyb as he was known.

Tyb passed away quietly in his sleep but was a huge influence on me.  It was his trip to visit the sacred sites of Peru that led to totally life-changing events in my life.  At that time, I took the risk, never having heard of Tyb before and he had never run a tour before but he had been a geologist and was taking a small group of his soul family to visit the sacred sites of Peru and Machu Picchu had been on my bucket list and I thought this sounds great. 

Little did I know that trip would introduce me to my soul family and to an aspect of myself and lead to series of events so massive that my whole life was turned upside down.

Two years ago we were able to interview Tyb for a chat 

Here's the link

And Tyb's work and deep studies about Edgar Cayce's work are revealed in this interview from the Edgar Cayce Institute. Click here for the interview.

I was glad to have a catchup with Tyb in Houston this past Feb, we hadn't seen each other in person in nearly 12 years, but his energy and his guidance was always there.

Tyb was someone who embodied love and wore his "heart on his sleeve" to empathise with everyone.

We'll miss you Tyb.

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