• Shameful shameful….to see your tears ..honey hugs and kisses bless …boy are they going to need protection from this act…they will be identified and come home …this or something better ..statement here..for you…I will share any photos you put up honey ?…concerned for your feelings of betrayal…have no concern for them at all..vortex will sort that out …feeling Feb..everything crossed ✨✨✨✨✨

  • So sorry to hear this terrible news, very disappointing especially as the y obviously came back knowing you weren’t home

  • You must feel so hurt and betrayed. Loathsome people take from the good ones. I just hope that it wasn’t someone you know and trust(ed).

  • That is sooo sad & wrong!!! What makes people feel they are entitled to other peoples property?! I feel for you both <3 I hope you have these items returned. xx

  • Sue and Blon…. so sorry to hear this news!! You might need to install a camera that works from your smart phone…. you wouldn’t think someone would do that! They must have known you were not at home at the time……
    Love to you both. Xx

  • Unfortunately I cant help but think that someone who has been to your property has felt they deserve these items more than you. I’m so disappointed for you both xx

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