What Can You Do To Avoid Coronavirus?

What You Can Do To Avoid Coronavirus


Don't fall into the fear trap

According to the stock market, someone on Wall Street just woke up and realized there are people dying from Coronavirus and it's a pandemic.

According to many other statistics, we were at a level 4 on the Pandemic scale late January 2020.  

What does any of that change?

Nothing.  We have too little information to know what is really happening in China or how many infected people are walking all around us.

Why panic over what you can't change?  

Keeping a strong healthy mindset is just as important in the prevention of the disease as all of the steps we list below.

The situation is most likely to get worse before it gets better but staying calm is the best thing you can do now.

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Keep your body healthy

To date, the coronavirus as been particularly virulent with a death toll close to 15% but it has primarily been seniors and people with weakened immune systems who have fallen prey.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that it while it brings on hard core pneumonia-like symptoms, keeping the body healthy NOW before exposure seems to be one of the best tactics to approach.

This particular virus is similar to a range of other lipid coated virus like HIV.  And while that sounds terrible, the good news is that they actually have some information on how to treat that.  A very thorough article in epinerein.com outlines many of the techniques used to kill the virus like alcohol and heat.  So wiping down door knobs and with methyl alcohol


Prevention and Planning

I will be travelling on international flights again and I've added nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, a small bottle of methyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol and santizing wipes to my purse.

Whether they call this a pandemic or not, taking preventive measures to boost your immune system now would be very valuable.

Additional supplements like zinc, Vitamin C, NAC and Forskolin are cited to

are recommended in pneumonia is involved.

More common foods can also be of benefit:

Coconut oil (monolaurin is basic component)

Brazil nuts 2-4/daily for selenium (Most HIV Countries wherare fromselenium poor soils, as is China)

Spirulina with its antioxidant, anti-cancer, and antiviral properties. 

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