What Is A Soul?

This is the best definition I have heard of what is a soul. Thank you Sai Maa!


“The soul is that magnificent aspect of God as God.

As a ray imagine a sun with million rays and one has gifted itself.

To every single human. And there’s also soul consciousness for animals but I won’t go there as well as for nature. And this array of perfect divine energy of life has taken that place in the body to experience the soul is that aspect of you, who moves from experience to experience of the lifetime in mind as other realms other planes has the different rays meaning different bodies, light bodies, subtle bodies, so your soul is the the aspect of God in you in that physical form on the planet.

The East will say atma only meaning of presence. The one that is always I am that I am no desire, no death.

In the West, we use the soul as the one who goes through. Imagine a diamond with different facets and all these energies, one lifetime this experience one lifetime another the up the down, goes into soul.

So most people in the West, we speak of the darkness, the dark night, the seeking the purification of the soul, meaning each facet of the soul is being Nevertheless, the essence of the soul is God.

That simple.” Sai Maa

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