What Is Enlightenment?

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Soul Family Newsletter:

What is enlightenment today?

For so long, thousands of years actually, people believe enlightenment was something that was not really attainable. Only the buddha’s and Christ’s of this world could attain it.

Or it somehow accidentally or magically happened after decades of mediation.

But today, we know better.

The entire planet has grown and is vibrating at a much higher level than ever before and we have even more opportunities than ever before to connect with our highest, most infinite self.

And that to me is the essence of enlightenment.

I call it lucid awakening.

My sifu for qi gong always told me that our “real life” was in our dreams, when we can fly, jump over tall buildings in a single bound, breathe underwater, or travel to the far corners of the universe, and that this thing that we call being awake was actually our conscious mind in it’s limited state.

I’ve been reflecting on those thoughts for over 14 years now since I first heard them.

And the most recent 2 day silent meditation we did here, we completely changed up the formula. Instead of doing an exponential form of vipassanna meditation in 3 days instead of 10, we did what I now call 2 days of lucid awakening.

To me that means allowing the power and connectedness of your infinite self to fully engage and awaken your limited human self.


Your limited human self?

Yes, we can all understand the physical limitations of our bodies, and appreciating those limitations more and more with every passing year, and we can understand the mental limitations of forgetting things or not understanding the immensity of what infinite means.

It’s clear that our physical bodies are only here temporarily.

But your infinite self is here for the joy ride to experience what limited feels like.

To experience what love feels like.

To experience what pain feels like.

It’s our choice to decide how intense we would like these experiences and which ones we’d like to focus on now.

And I tell you, it’s our choice to decide how often we choose to feel our unlimited infinite self and how often we choose to feel the weight and burden of the whole world on our shoulders.

It’s actually quite a simple process, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

And it all starts with the knowingness that it’s even possible.

That not only is it possible but it’s highly likely that you can connect more and more often to your infinite self and feel the lightness and extreme joy where you infinite self lives (which is and has always been within you.)

So, as much as I’ve been a world traveller from a young age and enjoy visiting many sacred places around the planet, the true essence of who we are and what we are can only be found when we go deep inside.

Just one moment can transform your life forever.

Just one awknowgement of our true nature as this infinite powerful, beautiful being who’s travelled through the illusion of time and space to be right here, right now.

For this life is the illusion, the dream state.

The illusion that we aren’t enough.

The illusion that we aren’t already enlightened.

The illusion that we can’t BE without “work being done us” or without some guru teaches us.

The massive energies that seem to flow at this time of year are heightened by the fact that Christmas and the holidays can an emotional time of year.

The energetic floodgates from the Universe are in full flow.

We’ll be honoring those energies this week with a recording.


The actual summer solstice will be at 3:28 am on the 22nd of Dec 2017

Thursday 21st Dec 2017 @11:58 am in New York.

Also, we’re thrilled to have Steph Freeman here to conduct a very special mandala workshop weekend here before she heads back to the Mainland. It’s a fabulous way to boost your creativity in everything you do in the New Year.

And we’ve extended the Early Bird price of $299 including all meals and shared uplodging .

This looks to be an epic event! Please let me know if you can make it. We need to finalize #’s soon.

And, we’ve been kicking around some new ideas for the essences and we’re introducing a new essence for dogs called “PAWS: K9 Stress Relief Therapy”. This came about because Blaze our beautiful blue healer cross hates thunderstorms. It’s as tough as nails if he’s chasing a wallaby but come thunder and lightening he’s crazy scared.

And poor little Cleo, our miniature Shiatzu Malteze dog hates getting her hair cut (a perpetual job of trying to keep the buzzies at bay) and tremples the minute she sees scissors in my hand.

So we’ve been experimenting with ways to help our 4 legged friends just like the AWE helps our soul family.

Stay tuned for more updates.

We haven’t released it yet, as we’re still in the testing phase.

Love to all of our Soul Family and their furry friends,

Blon & Grandmother Sue

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