Wrapping it Up in Rapa Nui

Sue's insights into Rapa Nui

My amazing earth keeping adventure on Rapa Nui.

It all began when I was given the words, "It all begins and ends in Easter Island." (Rapa Nui)

IThis coming Wednesday, we'll be doing a live facebook broadcast at 3 PM Hobart time about my adventures in this very special place.

There are so many sacred sites around the planet that have been overused or misused and I have been called to balance out the energies.

Some of this comes from people with good intentions but not enough wisdom to understand exactly what they're doing.  Too many people are also doing it for their own ego and personal gain while believing they are doing the right thing.

So how do you know if what you feel called to do is the right thing for that site and the planet?

We'll be talking about all kinds of stuff on the webinar.  

I hope you can join in!

Easter Island Heads

Rapa Nui Moai

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