Your Ancestry DNA



We are who we are because of the genes we inherit.
Our DNA is running through our ancestors and future generations, wow! What a concept to get our minds around.
In the case of Indigenous peoples, who have stayed within their tribe, so to speak, the pure genes are easily predictable for the life that will be led.
However, for us that have a melting pot in our gene pool, the life is not predictable, unless we add our environmental upbringing in to the equation, and then only vaguely predictable to those who have lived in the country for instance.

For most of us, we can choose from the hundreds and thousands of opportunities that are available.
Some are totally restricted by culture, environment,
Family traditions etc. Some choose not to choose and see what life throws at them.
What has this got to do with our ancestors? Well we have tendencies from our ancestors to follow their path or a variation of their path, ie if your father was a banker, a tendency to the business world is likely. Again the Indigenous cultures have an easy choice, as most ancestors have the same tendencies. The melting Pot human can have a multitude of differing tendencies making decisions a bit harder to make.

Some people believe that we have a genetic encumbrance as well as tendencies, that we inherit unfinished business or pain from our ancestors. This is very noticable in Indigenous cultures. The pain of losing their children, land ,lifestyle etc can be passed down through many generations.

The melting Pot humans would have so many encumbrances that they would find it difficult to choose which war, which revolution, or countless other calamities, they should focus on.

No wonder life is not easy!

Why, as a species, are we not born with a clean slate? Just when we get ourselves on a suitable path, our tendencies will start to niggle and want to be healed or cleared, and if we do so, then life is good and even again, until the next ancestor or life tragedy pops up with his/her grievance. We can spend decades clearing from our past, but does this help our evolution, or our childrensā€˜?

What I have realised is that the melting pot is winning, but I also see that the melting pot acts with intelligence, but not wisdom. Indigenous cultures act with the wisdom passed down through many generations. The melting Pot dances from idea to idea, it basically has no concern for each other or our planet.

Is there an answer? We cant live as indigenous cultures, Indigenous cultures cant live as we do.

Change is constant, we are evolving, there are cracks in the melting pot and many are gaining wisdom.

Indigenous cultures are starting to share their wisdom

What are you doing to turn your intelligence into wisdom? What ideas do you have for our planet to live as one?

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