Instant Karma... Spiritual Essences for Complete Transformation

Do you want more clarity?

One of the greatest assets of these essences is to bring more clarity to people.

Deep insights into your highest self and an ability to create more meaningful moments in your daily life and meditations.

Our top selling product.  This essence connects you with your highest self, your I AM presence easily and adds to your energy and power of who you truly are.

It was originally designed as a protection essence but it seems that being your biggest and highest self is the greatest protection ever.

Mother Mary herself created this essence when she shot a bolt of energy through Sue into a clear quartz she was holding in her hand.

Many have described this like getting a warm hug.  The ultimate in divine mother energy sending her blessings.

Works like a rescue remedy for any type of trauma, mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.

This will calm exacerbated nerves.

Pure Tasmanian healing energy pulses through this essence.

Sound frequences added to make this a very powerful rescue remedy.

The first essence created and still a best seller with auralite, herkimer and warratah flowers from the Vortex Healing Centre.  This updated + version has sound frequences added as well.

What our customers are saying:

I use it everyday...

I felt a difference immediately after taking it and still use it everyday.

LIZ DEAN //  Fudge Maker Extraordinaire

Extra energy & clarity!

I have been taking I Am daily. After the first dose I felt extra energy and clarity. I had a productive day. The tasks I find tiresome were not an issue.

Since the first day I find the effects less immediate but somewhat cumulative. I now find that I have the extra energy & drive to do the things of value. Previously these things were harder to bring to fruition. 

LEIGH PRICE  //  Qi Gong/Kung Fu Teacher

Sue Christiansen  //  Spiritual Guide

Naturopath, earth-keeper, horse-lover and spirit guide.

Sue Christiansen


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't begin getting greater insights and greater sense of calm and purpose after taking for 21 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Sue Christiansen

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